Teens Love Lit is an online storytelling platform written by teenagers for an audience of teenagers. Young voices are often dismissed as naive or misguided. With Teens Love Lit, we make it clear that the experience of teenagers matter, their opinions matter, and their voices need to be heard.

Every Saturday, a new story will be delivered to your inbox and posted on our site. Once you subscribe (free), you become a member of Teens Love Lit and can read any of our teen stories. All the stories on Teens Love Lit are real-life experiences shared by our teen writers. Our team of editors guides them through the process to help them create high-quality stories that readers can comment on and discuss.

As an educator on the platform, you can use Teens Love Lit as a way to engage your students by encouraging them to read stories written by their peers. These stories can be incorporated into your curriculum, used as a guided text for whole-class discussions, and be useful when lesson planning as a way to engage students with relatable content.

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