Who is eligible to participate in the Teens Love Lit publishing experience?

As long as you are a teen (ages 13 to 19), we welcome you to submit your story idea!

Do I need to be a good or experienced writer to participate?

No! The team at Teens Love Lit will help you through the writing process!

My story has been published on another platform (e.g. a blog, magazine, school newspaper). Can I submit it to Teens Love Lit?

Teens Love Lit focuses on sharing untold, real-life experiences. We ask that your story submission be original for this platform.

Can I submit a fictional story?

No. All stories submitted must be a real-life experience for the writer.

Who is the audience for Teens Love Lit stories?

Teens Love Lit readers are from communities around the world - students, teens, teachers, parents, and avid readers globally.

If my story is selected, can I remain anonymous?

Of course! We'll only share your name if you're comfortable.

My story was not selected to be published. Can you tell me why?

Kudos for taking the step to share your story! However, we receive many story submissions and unfortunately don't have the capacity to publish everyone's story (even if we'd love to!).

Do I need a Teens Love Lit subscription to read the stories?

Yes. Teens Love Lit is a members-only newsletter subscription, so you can sign up here to join the community.

I have another question not answered here. Who can I contact?

Feel free to write to us at cry@wecrydeep.com.