Are you ready for this? Like are you really ready for what’s about to happen? Teens Love Lit is your world. It’s a platform for you to read and share stories from all over the globe with you at the centre of it all!

At Teens Love Lit, we know young voices are ignored. “You’re not experienced enough” or, “You haven’t lived long enough to know blah, blah, blah.” We’ve heard all the excuses for why your voices have been diminished and we’re saying forget all of that.

Your experiences matter, your stories matter, and your opinions matter. That’s what Teens Love Lit is all about.

And guess what? We weren’t the only ones who thought this was a great idea. When we went searching for partners, the first organization we connected with loved the idea just as much as we did. They saw the potential in what we were planning to do and were immediately enthusiastic about the possibilities.

So let us introduce you to the Wealthsimple Foundation. Wealthsimple Foundation is a registered Canadian charity on a mission to make post-secondary education accessible to everyone in Canada. They share the same values as we do and have a passion for the advancement and empowerment of young people. And just because they’re based in Canada doesn’t mean they won’t be connecting with all of you in different ways. Trust us, we have some stuff planned and the Wealthsimple Foundation is a big part of those plans.

How Teens Love Lit Will Work

OK, let’s get to it. How exactly will Teens Love Lit work and what can you expect? First thing to know is that this is a members only platform. You’ll have to subscribe to receive the stories to your email or view them online.

We’ll be delivering a story every Saturday starting February 12.

Each story will be from a different teenager sharing a part of their life that had the biggest impact on who they are today.

Our first round of stories will feature stories from teens living in Toronto Community Housing. Their lives are the most vulnerable in our city and their voices the most marginalized, so we thought we’d shine a light on kids from neighbourhoods that don’t get much positive attention. These stories are meant to offer different perspectives and open up the narrative about the type of people who reside in these communities.

After that, we’re not telling you who’s next. Could be a group of teens from Lousiville, Kentucky, or maybe some young people from London, England. That’s what makes this platform special. A different story from a different teen every week and they can be from any part of the world.

OK, that’s all for now. That was a mouthful so reread if you need to. It’s pretty simple though; just start by subscribing to Teens Love Lit, then check your email on Saturdays. We’ll also have a website where all of the stories will be hosted. Remember, it’s members-only so you’ll need to be subscribed.

Author: Kern Carter, Ghost Writer